Challenge: Watch this Korean movie and try not cry

I don’t know about you but I’m not one to cry during sad movies. I don’t even remember the last movie that made me cry ( it was Thor: The Dark World. Loki almost made me crazy). I know what you’re thinking “BUT THOR 2 WASN’T EVEN A SAD MOVIE”, I disagree! Anyway those were just one or two tears that managed to escape, this movie made me actually feel the pain the people of Korea felt. I couldn’t stop crying even after the movie ended and spent the next 3 hours learning Korean history.The movie I’m talking about is called The Taxi Driver. The movie is about a taxi driver and a German journalist who came to Korea to report about the Gwangju Uprising, in 1980. The Gwangju Uprising is about an estimated 600 people were massacred by the Korean government under leader Chun Doo-Hwan. I won’t go into detail about the cause and effect of this uprising because the movie does such a great job showing you what happened. But I think this is a must see movie for everyone, it shows us what happens when a country doesn’t have freedom of speech and right to protest. If this movie doesn’t make you cry, then you are a robot. Watch the full movie with subtitles on YouTube.

(Image of taxi from google labeled for reuse and noncommercial reuse. YouTube video under standard YouTube License. I do not own the image or video.)

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