Favorite Kdrama (Sep-Nov 17)

By clicking on this post, you’re either an avid kdrama fan or slowly but surely walking into the land of the obsessed. My kdrama journey started when my high school senioritis kicked in.You know how sometimes you end up in places on YouTube that leave you wondering “ How the hell did I get here?”, that was me. With nothing else to do and bored out of my mind, I ended up on a kdrama. It was interesting enough that I spent the rest of the year living, breathing, and sleeping with kdramas. I’ve watched so many kdramas that if I ever get lost in Korea I will be able to find my way back with the amount of Korean I’ve learned.

Now let’s get to my favorite show this season. After Descendant’s of the Sun (2016) and Goblin (2016-17), my brain seems to still be in a drama coma (if you haven’t watched these two dramas, I suggest you close this post and use this time wisely). I wished for something on the same level and my prayers were kinda answered. While not on the same level, my current favorite While You Were Sleeping is up there in my top 20.

While You Were Sleeping is about a woman (Suzy)  who see’s the future death’s of others in her dreams and meets a man (Lee Jong Suk) who also starts dreaming about the future. Together, they try to change the future one case at a time. I really like the actors who play the main characters in this drama. (If you don’t know who the actors are, then I suggest you check out Pinocchio and Gu Family book.) The heroine’s character is refreshing, she doesn’t run away or hide when shit hits town. She’s faces it head on and even makes the hero stand his ground. They finally created a bad ass female lead and made a male lead with flaws (thank you god. I was getting tired of all the wrist grabbing and perfect rich c.e.o’s). He is a scaredy catthat puts on a brave front but always does the right thing regardless of  what it might cost him. The chemistry between the characters will make you swoon and the comedy will make you giggle. This show has such lovable characters that you will fall in love with everyone. I give it a 4 out of 5! You can watch it on Viki.

(The drama poster is copyright material. Image is being used under the fair use copyright laws.The image is from http://boxasian.com/dramas/while-you-were-sleeping/)

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