Quality Eyeshadow Palettes for under $20

I’m a makeup addict but I’m also broke. I love quality but once again I’m broke. I would love to buy $50 eyeshadow palettes like nobody’s business but that life ain’t mine yet. I first heard about Juvia’s Place on YouTube, it was being promoted by some big beauty gurus. It gained a lot of attention for being a black owned business that was promotion African culture through their brand. Their eyeshadow palettes are named after different Egyptian deities and African cities. Reviews talked about the affordability and pigmentation of their shadows. I wanted to purchase a palette to decided for myself. At the time of my purchase they were having a bundle deal for The Masquerade Mini and The Nubian 2. I got both for $53 but you can now get them for $38 for a limited time. They are currently having a Black Friday Sale and each palette is priced under $21. I was a little tempted to buy some of their new palettes but I have a makeup budget for every month and this month I used it on Colourpop. 😭

The Nubian 2:
This palette is my favorite out of the two. I tend to stick to more neutral colors but love jewel tones for night outs. All of the colors are really pigmented and have very little fall out. The shimmer shadows are amazing. They are really soft but aren’t fragile like the colourpop super shock shadows. I have to say that these shadows are much better than Morphe. The mattes will require a few more swipes than the shimmer shades but in the end they blend out pretty good. Unlike the Masquerade Palette I don’t have any complaints with this one. 4 out of 5.

The Masquerade Mini:
I bought the mini version of this palette because the full size pans are huge. I like this palette because you get 8 colorful tones and 8 neutral tones. You can create a wide range of looks with just this palette alone. Neutral for school or work but add color for dramatic evening looks. It a good palette for students and makeup newbies. The only problem I have with this palette is the pigmentation of the matte shadows. It required some building up because you don’t get much color with 1 or 2 swipes. But that’s only with 3 or 4 shades ( browns and purple). The shimmers don’t have this problem so I do wonder if the shadows are different in the full sized palette. Note: Bori will stain your lids, it’s super pigmented. 3.5 out of 5.

They currently have a total of 6 eyeshadow palettes and they all are just as colorful. You can also buy single shadows, blush palettes, and makeup brushes. The brand did face some controversy last year but I’m not going to get into it. If you would like to know what the issues were you can watch the related YouTube videos. They are a new company so it’s a process of trail and error. It’s important to support black owned businesses, especially black owned makeup brands because they are the ones creating shade ranges for POC. They don’t usually have the same budget or platform as the mainstream brands so I believe they deserve a second chance. Based on the interaction I have had with the brand I didn’t have any problems with my order. That being said, I say give the brand a try and see for yourself!

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