Hi,my name is Anxiety

Hello, I want to know do you sometimes ask yourself how different your life would be if you could go back in time and make different choices? It’s not that you regret the present, it’s neither good or bad just fine.

“Is this what I want in life?”

I hear the echo of that question in my head everyday. I keep telling myself  “I will one day go after those dreams” and years fly by while I’m stuck in the exact same place. I’m in this awkward phase in my life where I should be an adult but don’t have the experience to adult properly. After a lifetime of not being given a choice I am now left to fend for myself with endless amount of choices.

I keep thinking there must be someone else out there who must be fighting an internal battle with themselves. I could have, I should have, I would have… Even I’m tired of my own thoughts.

I keep looking for courage and strength but what I failed to realize till now is that I have that inside of me. Fear just keeps holding me back. The fear of failure, my own reoccurring nightmare that won’t let me take a full breath. I don’t know how to get this weight off my chest and stop my brain from running a 100 miles per second.  I didn’t realize that this was anxiety. The millions of questions that run circle in your mind and make you feel helpless. How do you unravel yourself from this knot that keeps getting tighter the harder you fight? If you have any advice I’m all ears, it will help a lot knowing I’m not alone.

I want to know, how are you doing? What is your mind asking of you today?

4 thoughts on “Hi,my name is Anxiety

  1. I’m not ashamed saying I battle anxiety. It is not at all fine. I hope you feel better soon, sorry I don’t have advise because I simply don’t know what to do to help anxiety. Thank you for sharing
    I would love for you to check out latest blog post 🙂 xx


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